Pet Memorial
Your message, On The Wings of a Dove, A Very Special Tribute
And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove!
for then would I fly away, and be at rest.
Psalm 55:6 (King James Version)
Our birds are flown often.  We place them in special crates and take them some
distance from home.  The birds are then released.  This enables the birds able to fly a
few hundred miles without stopping or losing their way.  The birds are easily able to fly
at 50+ mph for hours on end.

A partner regularly travels to Key West, Tallahassee and the Kennedy Space Center and
takes the birds with him.  The birds travel home over water and land, over flocks of
Flamingos and under Bald Eagles.  They travel over miles of orange groves and pristine,
unspoiled miles of white beaches and native natural habit.  

And if you wish, they can carry a special message from you.  

I purchased surplus message carrying harnesses used by the Swiss Army.  
Originally designed for military homing pigeons to carry messages from the
field to headquarters.  (
You can learn about how most nations used homing pigeons
and how they provided valiant service -- and how some became decorated war heroes
on the LINKS page.
)  With these special harnesses, On my bird's training
"missions," you can have a message carried "On the Wings of a Dove."  

Fly a message for a lost relative, friend or cherished pet.
A prayer, wish, dream that you'd like to have soar through the sky on
the wings of a white dove.

For a small fee of $15.00 I can take your message and have one of my white birds take
your words into the sky.  For $20.00 I will send you back the actual message flown on
the wings of a dove, printed on special paper.   An additional postage fee may apply for
requests made outside the USA.

We send our birds out often, your message will be flown quickly after you place your
order, or we can fly it on a specific date -- just let us know.

Your message will be carried by a dove for hours as it journeys from where it is released
back to its loft.  A beautiful tribute for a lost friend or family member, or your most
desired wish or hope.
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Our Doves, and the message harness they
wear are small.

They cannot carry multiple pages or large
items.  Though we have had requests to carry
locks of hair or small lightweight items of
importance from loved ones -- that our birds
can do!

Email me for details
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Southwest Florida White Doves
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