Fort Myers Dove Release
Southwest Florida White Doves
White Dove releases for all occasions in Southwest Florida!
Releasing balloons are out -- they pollute and the remains can endanger
wildlife.  Throwing rice is also frowned upon as it can actually kill birds that
ingest the grains.  Buying pet shop birds and releasing them is cruel as these
beautiful birds have nowhere to go and can't survive in the wild.  They will
starve to death or become prey. Fireworks are spectacular, but loud and only
give their true effect in the dark -- and just might start a brush fire...

So, just when you think all the "special" is being taken out of special
occasions, we have the solution that will leave you and all those who attend in
awe and with lifelong memories.

We offer specially bred White Doves that are able to return to their loft after a
release -- even from hundreds of miles from their home.  You can add a magic
moment to any occasion and know you aren't harming the environment or any
animals in the process.
A Little About What We Do
We arrive at your function, properly attired and set up the release baskets.  We
will release our birds at your direction, or assist you with releasing them
yourself.  We will work with you (or your event planner) in advance to arrange
the release -- so the release will be as seamless and memorable as possible.

We will do almost any function -- though we will not do indoor releases,
nighttime, or any other function that could harm our birds.  

Out of respect for our heroes, we provide free service, in our local area, for
Soldiers, Firemen, Police, and EMTs killed in the line of duty.
Fort Myers Dove Release
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